Can G-d Change His Mind? - English

The Torah contains instances where G-d appears to have reconsidered His decision, often in response to human action. How can an eternal G-d be subject to change? Does that mean the earlier decision was wrong? Is G-d’s word not final? Download Paper

The Third Temple — Today? - English

This paper seeks to crystallize the Torah commandment to build a Temple. To whom does it apply? When is the commandment in force? And if we do build a Temple today, what status will it have? Download Paper

Take One for the Team - Hebrew

A village in Africa was quarantined to stop the spread of ebola. Healthy people were trapped in that village as well, doomed to a certain death. What is the Jewish ethical view of this scenario? Is the individual ever sacrificed for the good of the community? When do we violate one principle in pursuit of another? Download Paper